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Man’s search for meaning

Viktor: Do you want to know my personal experience? It is too terrible to recall, but it makes me know the meaning of life.

Hongchao: Yes, I know that is a horrible period for the world and the history. There is the same thing happened in China. I have read your book; it is a readable book for everyone because your experience will teach people to cherish life.

Viktor: I am very happy that you have read it. I want to more and more people to realize that history. Do you think the war advance the society or reverse the society? Are there more advantages or disadvantages?

Hongchao: I think it depends on people how to think about this question. I think the war will advance the heavy industry and research the new technology. It will advance the international trade. But the war also is harmful. Many people will lose life, relative, home, treasure and something are more important like compassion, it is very horrible.

Viktor: Yes, I really know it is awful that people lose compassion. If someone loses compassion,js55.com金沙赌场, he will be bland and only think about himself. He will do anything for his own profit even though it will hurt others. What do you think is the most important characteristic of the human-being?

Hongchao: I think different people have different answers. I think kindness is the most important to the human-being. Because I think kindly people are ethical so that they will obey the law.

Viktor: When I was a child, I had the same opinion with you. But after I undergo the Second World War,js55.com金沙赌场, I found that firmness is more important. When I was at camp,js55.com金沙赌场, I wanted take my own life. But I did not because I wanted to record my experience, it was my dream. Do you have any ideas of your future life?

Hongchao: Of course, I also have a dream but it is normal. I want to find a good girl friend and lead a happy family. I will help my parents to manage their company and make much money to help the poor people. I also want to build a library because I like reading and people can fill their spirit by reading.

Viktor: It is a wonderful dream. Working harder on it, your dream will be the true. It is the time to go. Bless you.

Hongchao: Thank you, I will remember your edification and work harder for my dream. Bless you, too.

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